The Comment Carnival!

Heyyy this page is where you can comment 2 get prizes 😀

1.15 comments=on blogroll for as long as you want

2.50 comments=On buddy list for 6 weeks or maybe more 😀

3.100 comments=3 postcards from me

4.200 comments=Private Party with me for about 10 or more minutes

5.300 comments=7 postcards from me

6.450 comments=In a picture with me

7.500 comments=In a Video with me

8.550 comments=Video or Pic with me

9.625 comments=Link in 10 posts

10.1000 comments=I Month Membership Code

11.5000 comments=Rare penguin over 700 days old

12.10,000 comments= 12 Month Memebership+ Beta Penguin


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