So i made a twitter today check it out and FOLLOW ME OR ELSE!!!! lol jk not really 😛



well today was the first day of school.My teacher’s name is Mrs.Feltman.

Yea so shes nice and alot overeacted.Even if she gets a little papercut she starts running like hell!Well first day not so bad but wait later into the school year………… 😛

Put this banner on your site plz

Put this on your sites plz


Fall Fair:Easiest game to get quick tickets

Well yea Fluffy puffle paddle could be in the top 3 list to get more tickets i can get like over 300 points in it :).Well here is the best games list

The Easiest Games to Earn Tickets List

1:Ring the bell:Found at dock and you can win up to 25 tickets easily.

2:Puffle Paddle:Found at snow forts and if you balance more than 1 puffle you get double tickets!

3:Feed-A-Puffle:Found at cove and here are the colors to get more points!

Blue:1 ticket

Red:2 tickets

Green:8 tickets

Black:6 tickets

Pink:10 tickets

Well thats the list! Enjoy The Fair


Fall Fair 2009!

Woohoo!! As we all know, he Fall Fair is one of the biggest parties of the year! And might I say it delivers. This is definitely the best Fall Fair yet! There’s music, it’s colorful, and most important it’s original. Now, if you want to get prizes with your tickets the prize booth is now in the Forest and not the Plaza like the past 2 years.

There’s also The Great Puffle Circus which I didn’t get to see since I’m not a member… But, it’s probably on YouTube somewhere. But one nice thing is that the extra room near the Snow Forts with 2 other games is now available to non-members, too. And Puffle Paddle and Feed-A-Puffle are still awesome! And so is almost everything else. I rate this party 9.5/10


New Admin!

Hey, guys. My name is Fluffycatfan but you can call me Fluffy. I’ve been friends Trjkghgh for a while now. I just want to say thanks for adding me as an admin. So, yeah, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. Uh, yeah, thanks.



As u guys know my BFF fluffycatfan made a new header for me and for that he gets admin on meh site!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY IT LOOKS SO AWSOME