CP Note Takers

This page is about wierd stuff in clubpenguin.You can join by sending me info and completing this form.


Name:(NOT REAL NAME) Friegtighty

Site or if you dont have one: https://trjkghghisawsome.wordpress.com

Email: joshuagopaul@yahoo.com

And your done!!!


First i saw something wierd on the island.It is at the Ski Lodge.Ever wonder what the heck that moose head is doing there?Well this might be the answer.I was making a music video and i looked at the moose.You all know that shadow in the mirror right?Well this cought my eye.I wanted to see what that moose’s eyes were looking at and then it got me.Is it me or is that moose staring DIRECTILY into the mirror????? Öwierd

Ahhhh, the sweet green trees.Wait what the heck?! Ok now i saw something wierd when i was going to play Cart Surfer.I was counting all the tress and then i saw something that got me.What is that purple thing???!!! Is it part of the mine or is it just a random tree??wierd2

Ok note takers sign up and send me some more notes!!! ¶


2 Responses

  1. A lot of people think the moose’s reflection is a “ninja shadow.” 🙄

  2. wow how?! idk it totally looks like a body of a penguin

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