CP Book Codes and Mission Guides

Ok i will start off with LGDC (Lime Green Dojo Clean) book cheats

First you grab the mop and throw it up in the air.It will land utside mop around and you will find a hidden coin2-7-2009-1-07-25-pm2-7-2009-1-07-25-pm1

Next you move the paint can then you will find the coin2-7-2009-1-07-25-pm2

Then wiggle the paint ball around and then it will let out a coin2-7-2009-1-07-25-pm32-7-2009-1-07-25-pm4

Next click the penguin  and drag him untill he goes on the ceiling.Drag him on the ceiling too then you will find a coin2-7-2009-1-07-25-pm5

Then do this in the same order2-7-2009-1-07-25-pm6

Then move the can and find a coin2-7-2009-1-07-25-pm7

Theclick the bulb and guide it through the mazes2-7-2009-1-07-25-pm82-4-2009-5-25-38-pm2-4-2009-5-24-58-pm2-4-2009-5-25-38-pm1

Then take all the capes out of the box click the box and drag out socks.Put the socks on the penguins hands2-4-2009-5-24-58-pm1

Well thats all!! If you get all bonus coins you will get 800 coins! misions will come soon

Here are some Mission Guides!!!!!

Cp Mission 4 Walkthrough


  • Page 9- Sometimes
  • Page 35 Misses
  • Page 38- Scavenger
  • Page 40- Examples
  • Page 62- Picture
  • Page 63- How
  • Page 64- Fishing
  • Page 65- Storage
  • Page 71- Seats
  • Page 71- Musical
  • Page 73 Search
  • Page 75 Tossing
  • Page 77- Buying
  • Page 101- Donated
  • Page 117- Jerseys
  • Page 118 Squads
  • Page 140 Breeze
  • Page 141 Combined
  • Page 143 Secret
  • Page 154- Arena
  • Page 155- Queen
  • Page 156- Small
  • Page 169- Start
  • Page 171- Annual
  • Page 175 Crown
  • Page 176- Item
  • Page 179 Penguins
  • Page 182- Actions

Club Penguin Stowaway:

  • Page 6- Mysterious
  • Page 7- Rockhopper
  • Page 21- Migrator
  • Page 25- Yarr
  • Page 40- Waterfall
  • Page 52- Deck
  • Page 80- Penguin
  • Page 177- Puffle

Dont accuse me of stealing this one

The Inventor’s Apprentice

Q: What word is on page 5, 5 words from the left on line 10?
A: Good

Secret Agent Handbook

Q: What word is on page 5, 4 words from the left on line 18?
A: Decides

Q: What word is on page 5, 6 words from the left on line 9?
A: Give

Q: What word is on page 5, 4 words from the left on line 2?

A: Matter

Q: What word is on page 5, 3 words from the left on line 5?
A: Fashions

Each book will unlock the blue book item if you don’t already have it, and 1500 coins.


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