About Skipper

Hey guys!! Skippy here! Ok this is the page About Me.Ok here it goes.

About Skippy:

Hey people! My name is Josh but you can call me Skipper or Skippy.Im 12 years

old and i love to blog.I have brown hair with red and blue streaks.I love

skating and BMX riding.I have a skating ramp in my yard to practice.Im from

New York and im kinda wierd. OK SORTA.My best friends are Johnathan,

Jed,Gary,Collin,Jake, and Adam.Their nicknames are Johnathan:Blabby

because he loves to talk a lot.Jed:Jedi because he likes to act like Luke

Skywalker.Gary:Swirmy because when he comes to my house and we dance

he always swirms.Collin:Teleporter because he runs really fast.Jake:Sticky

because he always helps me with my stick figure .Adam:Sandy because every

time we go to the beach in just 5 minutes hes SO sandy.

I have a girl i like and her name is Jenny.I like to call her Sunny.Shes 11 and

she has blonde hair.We hang out alot when me and Jed go to skate parks.

I have two birds and they just layed eggs and i hear the baby’s chirping!!! I

have a cat and a dog along with 4 fish.Guess what i do when my dog is bad.

I put my hand like a gun,aim it at her, and then go “Bang Bang” and she rolls

over and plays dead. LOL!!!!

Well im running out of things but i got an xbox this week.Its an Elite and so far i got Disney’s PURE, LEGO Batman and Skate II

I also have 4 gerbils.One is name Snow White because she sleeps for a LONG

LONG time.Another is Oreo because it is black and white and he loves to eat

oreos.Another is Mickey because he has big ears and a long tail.The last one

is named Warner Cable because he sneaks up on me when i watch TV and he

just changes the channel like nothing 😛 .



12 Responses

  1. Dang. By Gameboy do you mean the really old no color ones? I have a really old one that has no color. I also have a PS2 and a DS. I have a Mac instead of PC, but it’s the family’s not mine. I have a plasma too but it’s in family room not my room. Mine’s 42 inches. Yours? And I don’t have a Wii but my neighbors do so it’s like having one XD. I have 2 cats. But I might get a pug in a year or 2. Oh and I live in Virginia. Did you go to the CP 3rd year celebration. I didn’t. It was on the same day as my Mom’s b-day. And I’m and only child. Yeah!!!

  2. WHAT THE HECK??? YOU STOLE DAVY’S PENGUIN??? Did you hack him or was he given to you? TELL ME OR THIS SITE IS GONE!!!

  3. no he gave me his peng for a free membership seriously

  4. naaa
    u know im kiddin joshua

  5. Check out my site:
    the home of the LMAO pics of cp

  6. srry fluffy i thought it was trjkghgh

  7. b****

  8. shut up!!!
    go on myspace i sent u video

  9. shut up!!!
    go on myspace i sent u a video

  10. ur a b**** just look at ur face! 😛

  11. i have a ps2, ps3, ps1, wii, gameboy, pc, psp and a lcd tv and lot, lots more

  12. My blog is a private blog now.

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